1508, 2016

Australia’s 2016 Digital Job Economy Snapshot

The digital job economy of Australia is witnessing an ‘invisible digital boom’.
Until a decade back, technology played the role of supporting customers and its implications in businesses and digital job economy were limited.
Today, technology has […]

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2707, 2016

What is the Internet of Things? (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new hot buzzword in the technology arena. It is the inclusion of software and electronics in any device that is not usually considered computerised in nature, giving it […]

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3005, 2016

Big Data or digital data – What is it?

What is digital data or big data?

A buzzword that is rapidly trending within the fast evolving digital market is “Big Data or digital data” that represents an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to differentiate. With […]

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1804, 2016

‘Performance under pressure’ a myth, says expert

Employees working under pressure tend to fall into ‘traps’ that reduce their productivity and creativity, and cause more mistakes to be made, according to a leadership and performance expert.

One of these common traps is to […]

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2103, 2016

How to build relationships at work – five easy steps

These days we live in a business world that is dominated by technology. Computers, apps, cloud technologies, social media platforms that make our day to day lives easier, however, there are certain aspects of conducting […]

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