1202, 2016

Five Signs a Candidate will become a Star Employee

Most recruiters and HR agree that choosing a successful candidate is a bit like choosing the winning lottery numbers.  No matter how much homework we do, getting it right isn’t easy.
There are so many factors […]

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2501, 2016

Digitalization and employment – How digitalization is changing the economy

Rapid technological development and digitalization have changed the way businesses now operate. This transformation is not just evident in the interaction between business and customers; it is also visible in the workplace environment. No matter […]

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1012, 2015

Work-life balance a major turnover trigger

More than 90 per cent of employees say work-life balance would affect their decision to change careers, while those reporting the best work-life balance are in HR, according to a new report.

The Seek research shows […]

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811, 2015

How do you choose between two candidates?

How do you choose between two excellent candidates?

Much has been written about this topic – it’s a more common situation than you might think. And there are loads of ideas for how to go about […]

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2109, 2015

Don’t let managers excuse “rockstar” behaviour

Employees who achieve fantastic results at a cost to those around them tend to have managers who let them get away with it, causing bigger problems for HR down the track, according to employment lawyer […]

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