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Westaway Executive Search specialises in executive, sales and marketing, and office support recruitment across Australia.

With its extensive industry experience, personalised approach and specialist recruitment knowledge, Westaway Executive Search is able to consistently source high-calibre candidates. We take care of advertising, interviewing and reference checks to offer employers the best candidates possible.

Our Process

As a boutique agency, we offer a personalised, one-on-one approach to recruitment. Although each employer is different, the following gives you an idea of how Westaway Executive Search works:

1. Meeting

First, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your company’s vacancy. We’ll go through a job description and discuss the position and its duties. We’ll talk about your ideal candidate, and their skills and experience, and establish your selection criteria.

2. Find candidates

Now it’s on to the important business of sourcing candidates. We do this across various mediums, including internet advertising, print advertising, database searches, referrals and networking, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

3. Shortlist candidates

Once we have a comprehensive list of potential candidates, we’ll compile a shortlist by screening resumes, interviewing candidates over the phone and face-to-face, and completing reference checks.

4. Appoint a candidate

With the shortlist completed, we’ll now arrange interviews between the client and the candidates. After listening to interview feedback from both parties, the client will decide on the perfect candidate, after which we’ll present an offer and conduct negotiations, resulting in a successful appointment.

5. Follow-up

Once a candidate has been appointed, we put a probationary period of 90 days in place. We’ll follow up with both clients and candidates after one day, one week, then 30, 60 and 90 days. We’ll also conduct ongoing follow-ups as required, to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the appointment.

Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, we look forward to hearing from you. Phone W: (08) 6209 8913, M: 0424 411 474 or email: [email protected]. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Westaway Executive Search recruits candidates for the following positions:


Managing Director
General Manager
State Manager
Operations Manager
Human Resources Manager

Sales & Marketing

National Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Internal Sales Representative
Sales Coordinator
Sales Manager
Business Development Manager
Account Manager
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Marketing Communications
Brand Manager

Office Support

Administrative Assistant
Data Entry Officer
Personal Assistant
Executive Assistant
Office Manager

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