You have been shortlisted for the first round of interviews and you’re excited. Congratulations.

An interview is a chance for you and your (hopefully) future employer to get to know each other. An employer decides whether you are a suitable candidate for the position and you have an opportunity to determine whether it’s the right job for you, or not.

Above all, it’s important for you to prepare yourself in advance to impress the interviewer and showcase your skills. Want to hit the nail on the head? Here are a few tips that may help you build confidence and excel in your job interview:

job interview

When and Where Is Your Interview

Make a note in your phone with the reference of the time and location for the interview. Charge your phone properly beforehand in-case you need directions. Often, many people arrive late or at the wrong location for their job interview, so make sure to write down all the correct information prior to your interview.  A general rule of thumb is to arrive earlier than the time allocated for your interview as this will give a good impression to the employer.

Know About the Organisation

It is highly advisable that you go through the company’s website and read up on some information such as the companies about page, their services, background, blog posts and more. This will prepare you for questions relating to the company and the role you are applying for. Also, it helps you stand out among the sea of hopeful applicants. It will also help you in asking questions about the company when you have the chance which communicates interest. Try to fit this knowledge in your answers to show that you are excited and interested to join the company.

Practice Interviews

Ask your friends to organize a mock interview related to the job and company you are going to be examined for. Also, read online interview questions posted by experts on career blogs or forums and frame your answers accordingly. Look at the current issues, news or articles related to the sector in the industry and prepare some solutions moving forward. All this research and preparation will help you answer questions more confidently in your interview.

Smartly Present Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Speaking about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview can be tricky. When you start talking about your strengths, smartly show how they would be helpful for the organization. Be very cautious while talking about your weaknesses. If you can, try and identify positive weaknesses you possess such as working too many hours or concentrating too much on work outside the office. The truth is, we all have weaknesses, but it’s how we make up for them that matters.

Ask Questions

Last, but not the least, always prepare yourself with some questions you can ask such as the company’s latest and future projects, services and goals for the future. Questions at the end of an interview are almost expected because your interviewer wants to see some form of interest on your part.

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