One vacant position, and hundreds of applicants. Sounds easy, right?

Choosing the most suitable candidate is often a very difficult task. Your goal is to not only hire a qualified and experienced employee but to also hire somebody who embodies your company culture.

The first point of contact with the candidate is their resume. A resume that holds reputed university degrees and excellent company history can impress an interviewer, but it cannot convey whether the candidate will be able to fit into the company’s environment or not.  However, this can be done by putting in some extra effort.

company culture tips

Here are few tips that can help you find the perfect match for your company:

What Are Their Qualities?

You must know the qualities of an individual you are going to hire to assess whether they can adjust to your company. Before an interview, always note down some qualities that are necessary to fulfill the role and then compare them with the interviewee’s qualities. For example, this role requires somebody with strong analytical skills. So, identify whether he or she has previous experience working with numbers and specific programs.

Go For Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions help you understand more about the candidate. Ask questions related to the work, personal interests and examine how they communicate. Give them an opportunity to talk freely to get an estimate about their personality. Ask them about the culture in the previous company and note if they were happy with that environment. This will help you understand what culture they enjoy and connect with.


During an interview, only you and the candidate will be in the room and even if there’s an instant chemistry between you two, it doesn’t mean they will connect with their work colleagues in the same way. To test this, give them a chance to talk with other employees after the interview and observe how they interact with them. Later, you can use the input of your employees to make your final decision.

Comparison With Existing Staff

Think about the qualities your current employees possess that makes them perform well. Try to compare these qualities with those of the interviewee. This will help you decide how will they contribute to the company if you hire them and whether they possess similar characteristics.

Familiarize Your Candidate In Advance About Your Company Culture

It is always better to familiarize the candidate about the culture of the company in advance. To do this, you can mention all the requirements in your job advertisement and also explain this during the interview to avoid any confusion. Think about the working hours, type of people in your company and how you want employees to work and try to go figure out if the candidate matches all these requirements.

Employing the right candidate is difficult but if you use the tips mentioned above, it will smooth the interview process in finding the ideal employee.

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